9 Best & Cheap Mens Long Wallets on Amazon

It’s broadly observed that wallets for ladies represent an extensive piece of wallet plan. In any case, it is not necessarily the case that wallets for men are not considered. As expressed over, the wallet is something that men bear ordinary; they have a tendency to put a lot of endeavors in picking the right one. Among many sorts of wallets accessible, long wallets appear to pick up prevalence in 2016. Most importantly, men need a wallet in an appropriate and great quality that will bury money, Visas and additionally business cards. Around then, there emerges a question that what benefits long wallets have over different sorts.

Besides to other features, the first important one is that it can help you keep your essentials in good place and far from collapsable. In case you want to know more features of long wallets for men, the collection of this post long wallets for men followed may help.

The listed items below is the thing that we have scrutinized around. What’s more, we would trust that it will make your extravagant and get you intrigued by long wallets for men.

1.Kattee Men’s Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Walletkattee long wallet

Brand new & high quality, with logo and label of Kattee brand. It’s a vintage, elegant, luxury and best gift for men.

Let’s see what reviewer said: “Its very sleek looking and the leather is soft. Some reviewers have complained about an odor, but mine doesn’t smell at all. Cards fit into the slots snugly, but you don’t have difficulty taking them out. The ID slot is a little difficult to remove. It fits nicely into the a suits breast pocket. If it’s fully loaded with cards and cash, it can look bulky on your chest. I would recommend this to a friend and I would buy it again.” by C.M.C

2.Le’aokuu Mens Genuine Leather Bifold Long Walletleaokuu long wallet

This is real leather organizer checkbook wallet has a few card holder, cash holder as well as ID window.

Let’s see what reviewer said: “I’m not sure where all of the complaints for this checkbook cover/wallet comes from, but I guess the old adage holds true, some people will complain about any and everything. I’m a very picky person, but this wallet is absolutely fabulous! The little external ID card and credit card holder is a life saver. I don’t carry cash so there is no need for a big back-breaking wallet. So now I carry around my ID-which is visible through the plastic ID covering-my bank debit card and an emergency credit card. I can now slip that gem into my front pocket with no noticeable wallet bulge and no more hip or back problems from sitting on an over-sized card carrier. When I have a need for my checkbook or other credit cards, I can simply go to my laptop tote, or desk (wherever it happens to be at the time) for greater access. High-quality leather, with plenty of space to hold your cash, cards, and checkbook with register. I’m a Prime shopper but this wallet was not part of my Prime benefits. I was given 5 days for shipping, but it came in two days, was well packaged, and exactly how it was described. This is a great buy, you won’t regret it.” by Carlton E. Lewis

3.Itslife Men Vintage Look Genuine Leather Long Bifold Walletitslife-men long wallet

The wallet is scratch resistant and durable, with classic and vintage eagle design, which make it convenient and suitable for daily life, make you outstanding and unique from others. Horizontal Long style, stays slim due to it keeps the cash flat and parallel lay of the card slots. Fits comfortably in front pants pocket or jacket lapel pocket. With this being a suede leather it doesn’t slide out of your pocket too easily that it would fall out.

Let’s see what reviewer said: “I don’t normally write reviews immediately after receiving an item but this is the exception. The leather is absolutely beautiful and great quality!! I am beyond impressed. Nothing is glued it is all stitched, the leather is very soft and even after putting all of my things in the wallet it remained fairly thin which was my top priority. I love the zippered compartment. I thought it would be too small to fit bills in but I was able to fit my “mad money” in there with no problem. I would highly recommend this wallet to anyone. Very classy!” by MoJo4313

4.William POLO Men’s Genuine Leather Long Business Walletwilliam-polo long wallet

Well, this wallets is 100% Genuine Leather: Use of Italy imported premium cowhide, leather is soft and delicate, feel comfortable, with super toughness and durability, the price is 3 times more expensive than other ordinary leather.

Let’s see what reviewer said: “I bought this with intent to carry my edge 6 plus and it fits perfectly. The outside leather is very soft and with great color. The silver bar attached seems very firm and doesn’t seem that it will come loose any time soon. For the price this wallet is a total deal.” by Shad

5.Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Sheepskin Secretary Long Wallettommy-hilfiger long wallet

This wallet is a very versatile style that can be used as an everyday secretary wallet or as a checkbook cover. The multiple interior compartments are perfect for carrying around your cash, cards, ID, and checkbook.

Let’s see what reviewer said: “For months my husband had been looking for a wallet that he could put in the inside pocket of his coat. None of the ones we saw in the stores had enough room for all his cards (credit, insurance, etc.)or were too wide or had a checkbook section – which he didn’t want. I looked on Amazon while Christmas shopping. He really isn’t a “name brand” person but I thought the Tommy Hilfiger Polished Lamb Pocket Secretary looked like what he wanted. I was nervous buying it without seeing it in person but decided to take a chance. It was perfect – plenty of room, nice soft leather, very classy looking. And received it quickly. He loved it.” by DLSam

6.William POLO Genuine Leather Zip Around Long Mens Walletwilliam-polo-men long wallet

This long wallet is the perfect example of a great quality at a reasonable price. The leather looks and feels absolutely wonderful, and the quality of the craftsmanship is really nice.

Let’s see what reviewer said: “Great product. More than enough room for all your cards (12+), cash, change and a iPhone 6s Plus. Really well made seams and zippers, great level of detail on the inside compartments, as you can appreciate in the attached photos.” by [email protected]

7.Shvigel Genuine Leather Rodeo Billfold Long Walletshvigel long wallet

This leather has one more special feature: you may scratch the leather with your nail, then rub it and the scratch will disappear. Every piece of leather is unique, as well as every our handmade product. Being rubbed with time, the vintage leather changes its color that will give it an antique look.

Let’s see what reviewer said: “Shvigel Leather Long Wallet is the best value for the money, this is an actual leather wallet with four area for money, receipts and tickets, Has about 12 slots for cards. Very well made and just feels right ion your hand. Outstanding leather wallet.” by Robert W. Colantuono

8.Itslife Men’s Cowhide Leather Wallet Alligator Tiger Dragon Embossingitslife-men-long wallet

This distressed leather wallet with highly detailed dragon embossing. Wallet had good leather and smelled fresh, and I think you would love the design.

Let’s see what reviewer said: “Got this wallet for my boyfriend. It’s a really cool wallet. The stitching is great and it’s got a nice weathered look to it. Holds credit cards without them being too tight as well. I will agree with someone else, it does have a design flaw with the piece in the middle holding it, it causes bend lines in the middle on the outside of the wallet. That normally wouldn’t matter much except this has a dark stain to it on top of a leather that’s lighter, so you see the crease marks. Not enough for me to ding a star though.” by Amazon Customer

9.Banuce Men’s Genuine Leather Bi-fold Breast Long Walletbanuce long wallet

This genuine leather Bi-fold breast long wallet has a high-quality feeling to it, and is large enough to carry everything I need for my day to day living.

Let’s see what reviewer said: “I can’t believe how great the quality of this leather is. It’s amazing that for such a low price you get real leather and beautiful craftmansship. Yes the wallet is big but you know that going into it. The length of the wallet is a little shorter than if you would open up traditional bifold wallet and lay it flat. Best wallet I ever bought yet!” by Eric Marchitto

Your Wallet is Good to Keep Money or Not


Your Wallet is Good to Keep Money or Not

In a world where people use credit cards, debit cards, emergency cash, identification cards; carrying a wallet is still key. Indeed, it is considered as the essential embellishment individuals never forget to bring along while going out. Really, everybody has their own particular wallet to keep the money, papers or ATM cards for quick needs. Nonetheless, a major rate of individuals tends to modest off from keeping money in their wallet.

With such a variety of things tempting customers towards credit and debit cards, for example, fear of getting mugged, the observation is that keeping loads of cash in the wallet is out. However, this is not the case all the time; carrying cash in your wallet is important. In fact, it is a state of concern if you don’t have any cash stacked in your wallet. As a safety measure, we ought to carry some cash in the wallet to help out in case of a crisis. I’m not saying that you have to convey a ton of cash; you surely wouldn’t have any desire to get victimized or lose any of it.

In this article, we will give a few reasons why your wallet is useful for keeping money and why it’s not just imperative to have cash stacked in your wallet at all times but also learn how to utilize it effectively. Wouldn’t it be easier to carry money, pay for your beverages in dollars and pennies, and not need to stress over your tab a month from now? Be that as it may, in case you’re still going back and forth about the advantages of keeping money in your wallet, look at the accompanying great and awful purposes of paying without credit and debit cards. At that point choose for yourself if money merits keeping around in your wallet

Why your Wallet is Good for Keeping Money

1. Offers Enough Slots to Keep Your Money Safely

In terms of size, a colossal huge wallet will offer enough spaces for you to keep your money, cards, charges and even a few coins safely in the event that you may need it to solve a crisis. For instance, you can look at the lovely bi-overlap wallet for ladies or some long wallets for men that will have ample compartments to safely keep your cash.

2. Neatly stores your money

While picking the wallet with loads of compartments, you can mastermind them perfectly, easily without making the money or bills wrinkled. Your money will dependably look new.

3. Keeps your Money within Reach

It would be less demanding and speedier to take out various sorts of stuff including money, credit cards or coins. You will simply take them out in a few minutes.

4. Helps you Pay in Situations where Charge Cards are not Accepted

It appears as if you can utilize credit or platinum cards practically anyplace nowadays. However, there are instances where credit cards may be of little help for example, in a taxi and candy machines. Money in your wallet may come in handy. In any case, there are a few places that only acknowledges money.

5. Money in your Wallet will you sort you out In Case Of An Emergency

Having money within reach is one of the more imperative travel security tips. You never realize what can happen, so you generally should be readied with easy to access cash in your wallet. Life is erratic and you never recognize what can happen. In the event that you are going on a trip, and you don’t have an AAA membership, you have to ensure you have enough money to pay a tow truck.

6. You spend less when you budget and Keep Money in the Wallet.

Money can instill in you a great spending discipline. At the point when the money is gone, you’re spending is cut off (so you need to oversee it consistently). This technique is viable since you physically observe the money being spent each month. This is unlike a credit card where you swipe off your expenses without knowing how much you literally spent.

Reasons Why Your Wallet is Not Good to keep Money

1. Overspending

Indeed, the greatest danger of having this money close by is that it may act as an allurement to spending it. Research shows that youngsters spend all their money in order to feel great, yet grown-ups have a financial plan and tail it. So you need to be a grown-up when it comes to money, make a plan for your money, and stick to it.

2. Money can get lost easily

You can’t recoup money in the event that somebody steals your wallet. Pickpockets don’t have the discipline to refrain from grabbing your wallet and run away with it. The question truly comes down to risk: do you have more money than you ought to carry in your wallet at any given minute? Given the advantages of having the money when you require it, it’s should be a risk that you are willing to take – the chances of a burglary in the region where you live are low. Hence you shouldn’t fear carrying money along.


As seen above, there are numerous advantages of keeping money in your wallet. Perhaps this should be the time that you simply swing by the bank and really get some out. It’s essentially downhill from that point—spending admirably, spend less, and deal more. Despite the fact that you may cover the majority of your costs using charge cards, it is important to keep a little measure of money in your wallet to cover crisis circumstances, tips, and such things. This is by all accounts a standard thing for some individuals – the vast majority appear to have a touch of money concealed for simply such purposes.

Why Long Wallet is A Perfect Gift for Men?


Why Long Wallet is A Perfect Gift for Men?

With numerous options for ladies wallet to choose from, it has become quite easy for them to pick up the best. But when it comes to men’s wallet there is only one type of design available. But that is not true anymore. 2016 has seen a great revolution in the wallet design of men. The long wallet for men is gaining a lot of popularity. This is due to its versatile functionality as well as the appearance. So, if you are searching for one of the best men’s wallet then the wait is over now.

Who Will Like Long Wallet?

Mainly the businessmen or the men who hold a high position at an office will surely like this wallet. The businessmen and even the working men have to carry a good amount of cash along with their business cards, credit and debit cards. Now, majority of the businessmen and the working men have more than one credit or debit card. Even they have business cards along with many more other things to carry like bills, mobiles etc. So a wallet with more space that usual will definitely attract them.

What Are The Benefits of Using Long Wallet?

Some of the benefits of having a long wallet are:

1. Capacity: There is no doubt that it has much more capacity than that of the traditional men’s wallet. It can hold a lot of cash along with other essential things like credit cards, debit cards and business cards.

2. Coin pockets: The smaller wallets do not have much space and hence it is not possible to keep the coins over there. But the coins are quite important especially when you have to give changes to the vendors and others. Long wallets come with separate space for keeping coins.

3. Keep your mobile: No need to keep the mobile in your hand or in the pocket now. Long wallets are long and spacious enough to accommodate the large Smartphones as well.

Why it’s A Perfect Gift for Men?

Undoubtedly, due to so many importance and benefits this long wallet will make the perfect gift for any men, be it our dad, friend or that special someone in your life. A wallet with a great quality material and lots of space to store every essential thing is definitely a great pick. This wallet helps to accommodate a lot of essential things within it without making it look overloaded or stuffed. Moreover since this is in fashion nowadays it can compliment with all types of men’s outfits.

Be it is a birthday, an anniversary gift or anything, gift has to be beneficial. There is no point of gifting someone a gift which will not be beneficial to him. But this is something that any men will love to carry and flaunt. It is the latest style with a lot of advantages. Thus, it can be a perfect gift for any man who needs to carry a lot of things with him all the time. They can keep their cards, cash and bills organized in just one place.

What Wallet Attracts Money?


What Wallet Attracts Money?

A wallet is something like “a home” for money. Truth be told it is more than only a comfort to hold your coins, notes and charge cards. Despite the fact that money is just energy, a significant number of us battle to adjust to it, so we default to battle and need – which truly spoils our chi-energy. When you comprehend that everything around you is energy you may be amazed to find that your wallet conveys you much more than you identify with it! It can recount stories about your state of mind towards money, wealth and prosperity, your openness to get, your general wealth, or prosperity cognizance, your self-regard, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Feng Shui wealth is an approach that clears a path for all the wealth, money and wealth to discover you effortlessly. Basically, Feng Shui adjusts the energies in a home or office to upgrade the inflow of money and drastically diminish the outpouring of it. On the off chance that picked and treated accurately, the right wallet might be a capable Feng Shui device for drawing in wealth, money and prosperity into your life.

It’s interesting, many individuals don’t really get feng shui or how it works, however when all else fails, compromise is unavoidable. What’s more, when somebody is frantic, they will attempt pretty much about anything. In this article we will give you the essential feng shui information on the most proficient method to pick the best wallet; a wallet that can help you draw in and keep the constantly streaming energy of wealth.

Purchase the Right Feng Shui Wallet to Attract Money, Wealth and Prosperity

Pick the “home” for your money painstakingly. A decent wallet ought to have enough space to hold all that you have to keep in it, for example, banknotes, coins and charge cards. Where possible, purchase a wallet where the banknotes can uninhibitedly fit into the wallet without getting folded and wrinkled. Your new wallet ought to have enough compartments to keep banknotes, coins, and cards independently. Ensure that your new wallet is sufficiently vast to contain more money than is typically kept in it – this ought to draw in more money to fill the free space.

Pick a Feng Shui Color for Your Wallet to Attract New Wealth

Color has a critical importance in our life and additionally the universe of feng shui. As one of them, likewise the color of a wallet has an assortment of implications. It will be the key of expanding your money, wealth and prosperity. How then do you choose the best color for your wallet?

Dark Blue Wallet

Dark blue relate to the Water element of Feng Shui. Water is in charge of your wealth and prosperity. It is the antiquated image of wealth; this settles on blue a decent decision for a propitious feng shui wallet.

Black Wallet

Black is generally thought to be the best color for a wallet. Black is additionally the color of the Water feng shui element, so it is an incredible decision for a wallet color, particularly for those with the birth element of Wood and Water

Pink Wallet

A pink wallet is prescribed for a lady. Pink is the color that also attracts money, particularly that profits to understand your fantasy. What’s more, it enhances human connection and is a key color enhancing the fortunes of adoration, and if a lady wears a pink thing or has pink possessions, your fortunes of affection will increase.

Red Wallet

Red is the color of the Feng Shui Fire element. Red enacts and empowers the positive stream of money into a wallet. Red is an extremely favorable color considered to draw in wealth and plenitude.

Green Wallet

A green wallet will contribute emphatically to your budgetary circumstance. Green, being of the Wood feng shui element, is a fantastic color decision for beginning once again, to be prepared to begin new and open, regardless of what stories your past holds. It is an extraordinary decision for the Wood birth element individuals, and in addition for those with the Fire birth element.

Other Colors

There are numerous colors out there. For instance, white, dim, silver or gold are said to be in charge of dependability and could implant your money related undertakings with these qualities. Gold is almost dependably connected with extravagance and wealth and will draw in these into your life.

Tips to Feng Shui Your Wallet to Attract Wealth and Prosperity

1. Keep your Wallet Free of Clutter

It is constantly great to keep your wallet in a perfect and clean state, so begin clearing all the superfluous stuff out of your handbag and wallet. Dispose of receipts, Visa bills or anything that is speaking to obligation or burning through money. Try not to place garbage, similar to sweet wrapper if any in your wallet. In rundown, simply dispose of anything that you don’t utilize and just put those crucial things.

2. Store your wallet appropriately

You should treat your wallet well before it helps you increase your wealth. Designate an exceptional area in your home for your wallet and place it there when you are back home, with the goal that they will feel prized. When you figure out how to welcome them, it will have a tendency to pull in more money onto your life. Abstain from hurling your wallet away on the eating table or anyplace that you think that its helpful. Treating your wallet thusly may have a gigantic constructive outcome on your budgetary position.

3. Abstain from utilizing second Hand Wallet

Try not to utilize a wallet that was utilized before in light of the fact that the past proprietor’s energy has been in the wallet and it may impact you on the off chance that you begin utilizing it. You will never know whether it is good fortunes or awful one, so simply get a fresh out of the plastic new one.

4. Be composed and deal with your notes

Make sure to organize your notes in an upright position before setting them into your wallet since it has a tremendous impact over the vivacious relationship between you, your wallet and money. You can tell if a man has money or not by essentially taking a gander at the way a man put their money into their wallets.

5. Pick an Auspicious shaped wallet

Abstain from picking unpredictable wallet/handbag shape. It is best to have long and straight sort that you don’t need to overlap the notes keeping in mind the end goal to place it in. It upgrades your wealth luck.


The tips above will help you locate your own feng shui birth element, investigate the feng shui force of color, and in addition see how to settle on the best color decisions for your energy. Your wallet might be the closest presence to control your fortunes in money and your fortune. You may comprehend there is an intriguing thing when you take a gander at the connection between a wallet and feng shui. On the off chance that your wallet brings down your fortunes in money and your fortune while you don’t have any acquaintance with, it will be a difficult issue. In the event that you comprehend the importance of the color and remember it to pick a wallet, your fortunes in money definitely will move forward.

Why Rich Men Like to Use Long Wallets


Why Rich Men Like to Use Long WalletsAINIMOER-Luxury-Womens-Leather-Long-Clutch-Wallet-Purse-Handbag-Coin-Zipper-Pocket-0-2

At the point when someone mentions of a wallet, I presume a short bi-fold wallet is what crosses your mind first. Perhaps individuals imagine that it is easy to carry and it won’t possess an excessive amount of room. Be that as it may, in these days society, we regularly see the rich utilize long wallet in their endeavors. Normally, a long wallet is about the same size as a front pocket wallet and holds charges level without folding them.

These wallets are normally kept in a vast down pocket or a front pocket of load jeans. In that way, most rich people have a great adoration to utilize such long wallet. This article will let you know the reasons behind that. On the off chance that you need to become more acquainted with more elements of long wallets for men, this write up may also be of help.

Why Rich Men Use Long Wallets to Keep their Cash?

Rich individuals generally put charge cards, money and different VIP cards in long wallet which can be very much arranged. It will be obvious for you to see and all in all, the outline of long wallet is more sensitive and design than the short wallets’. Truth be told, the vast majority of rich people love using the long wallet since it permits them to store bunches of things. This will be highlighted later in the article.

Benefits of Using Long Wallets

Among numerous sorts of wallets accessible, long wallets appear to pick up prominence in the recent past. Most importantly, men additionally require a wallet in a legitimate and great quality that will keep safely their money, charge cards and also business cards. Around then, there emerges an inquiry that what benefits long wallets have over different sorts.

1.Long Wallet Can Help You Manage Your Money.

Since when you have a quite long wallet, you can leave great impression for others, subsequently improve your interpersonal connections; you will know what class every total of cash you spend ought to belong to. You will unmistakably know your spending, and won’t squander cash; and attempt extraordinary endeavors to profit.

2.Keeps Important Documents and CASH SAFE.

Indeed, notwithstanding different components, the principal imperative one is that it can help you keep your essentials in great spot and a long way from damage.

3.A Long Wallet Looks More Presentable.

Normally, unlike a long wallet that has a lot of space, a short wallet is normally loaded and thick making a topsy-turvy swell under your garments. It would appear that some kind of tumor. Utilizing the same thick wallet all the live long day will in the end make blurred wrinkles in whatever pocket you use, fit as a fiddle of the wallet, shortening your garments’ lifespans. In the event that it’s truly overloaded you look terrible when you haul it out, as well. There ought to never be edges of worn out paper or severely bowed plastic cards standing out when you deliver your wallet in broad daylight.

Top Reasons Why I would Consider Using a Long Wallet

Each person needs a decent quality wallet. So do I. I find a long wallet quite appealing to me and I do trust that my experience will make you inspired by long wallets for men. Some of the reasons that would make me use this type of wallet are:-

1.For safe custody of Money — Yes, you have charge cards, and yes, you may even have the capacity to purchase things with a tick of your cell phone now. In any case, not everybody can prepare such payments, so have some money close by to tip your cabbie with, slip to the table attendant, or just to pay for something in a way that is quick, helpful.

2.A space to Slot my I.Ds and Charge Cards — A state-issued driver’s permit or state I.D. card is your best quality level of I.D. Nobody’s going to bother you about those. In the event that you require a second I.D. particular to your calling — a security card or understudy I.D., say — have that also. A check card and a Mastercard is a decent mix

3.A Great Storage for my Business Cards — Doesn’t make any difference in the event that you claim a business or not. Have a couple cards with an exceptionally straightforward configuration that just gives your name, telephone number, and email address. I find this practice quite useful in expanding my business.

Is this Wallet for the Rich Only?

As you may have read in the article, most long wallets hold the greater part of your most essential charge cards, platinum cards, rewards cards, and protection cards,and slip pockets to hold money and receipts.

Loaded with pockets, such long wallets will be beneficial for all classes’ of people who are looking for style and capacity for the greater part of their most vital things.


In case you’re struggling with a short-thick wallet, one that is full to the overflow, holding up to detonate and blow all your “critical” papers to the twist, then you should consider adopting a long wallet. I suggest no less than a leather long wallet; all the same, let your own tastes be your aide. A little character never hurt a man’s wallet — as long as it’s kept utilitarian and spacious.